What Are You Waiting, er’ I Mean Writing For?

One of the main reasons I am in college again is to learn to be a better writer. Though I am able to recognize and appreciate good writing, I am not nearly as able to produce it. It generally requires a great deal of work and editing for me to get a ‘piece,’ or even sometimes a letter, ready for submission, or for sending, to someone. I would love for good writing to become more ‘natural’ or easy-flowing for me. I think if it were, I would look at this as one MAJOR step toward ‘success’ in writing. This aspect of writing, however, is only a means to what I feel would be a true end or true ‘success’ in writing.

Above all, I desire to be used of God, through His Spirit AND writing well, to encourage others in their walk with God or in their walk toward God. My own thoughts or opinions or feelings are not worth much in and of themselves unless they in some way point individuals towards the truth of God’s loving kindness and goodness towards them and toward all human kind and creation. God, or rather a false image of Him, has always gotten bad press in this world. It began in a garden, with a woman believing a serpent more than God. People still disbelieve God’s integrity, love and goodness. I would like to be a voice to help counter-balance this by sharing with a ‘new’ perspective who He ‘really’ is and has been to me and to many I love, and how He has ‘really’ blessed us and worked in our ‘real’ lives in ‘real’ ways.

So the journey to better writing begins, today with more practice in writing. A blog is good discipline, requiring that I write more often and regularly and thoughtfully. So for today, I will consider it a ‘success’ in writing that I have posted yet one more, hopefully readable, post on this blog.


One thought on “What Are You Waiting, er’ I Mean Writing For?

  1. Anonymous

    Shelli, yes your post is quite readable. I like your explanation here of your purposes and goals in writing. I suppose the question is what form might your writing best take in order to create the encounters with God for your readers? There are so many ways to do that, and finding which are most effective for your readers and which suit your particular writing talents the best can be difficult. I’ll be interested to observe as you figure all that out!



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