Ode to Joy

I am sitting here at the computer doing homework on the one day since school began that we have as a “break” from school, which day we get off instead of Labor Day – which day we did not get “off” (How did you like that sentence!?!). (I know, Bruce, you don’t like the parenthesis, and I’m probably breaking some grammar rules in using them this way too – which rules I obviously need to learn if they do exist!). Anyway, I am not writing this to give anyone consternation (wink), nor so that you can feel sorry for me. Our teacher graciously extended the due date for our weekly blogs so we wouldn’t have to write today if we couldn’t or didn’t want to do so. Also, if you saw the view out my window and could hear the peace and quiet I am enjoying (hear the peace and quiet?!)…you would have less sympathy anyway. Not to mention, I actually enjoy writing – even if it IS part of an assignment – at this time in my life and on this day. This is a peaceful, enjoyable drift on the ever flowing river for me – for now.

And here is the drift. God gives us life. He gives us breath and all the other means for survival – which are plenty (all creation)! He give us the people in our lives and us to them. He gives us or at least allows the situations and circumstances in which we find ourselves. Then, so amazing, above all this, He gives us Himself if we will have Him, the very light and life and truth, through Christ, by His also very Holy Spirit to be with us and to help us on our way!

Then, even more amazing we find fault and look away and complain and blame and reject and ignore and deny and rationalize and minimize and so on, until there is nothing left for us but the miserable little mud puddle we are bent on playing in, while the great, wild, beautiful ocean is just on the other side of the dune (a word picture borrowed from C.S. Lewis).

Whether we remember this or not (and I am all too forgetful, myself!), how we see the things God has given us (with or without His help), and how we deal with them (with or without His help), makes all the difference in the flow and direction our lives take, one moment, on choice, one breath at a time.

I could wait until tomorrow, but I might run out of time with all the other things and appointments we have already planned. I don’t want to do it Sunday, the one day a week I get to mainly “rest” from my “work,” unless an ox is in the mire or unless I want to go really permanently crazy. I could wait until the last minute (Monday) to do this post, but then what about the school work I usually do on Monday to be prepared for this and my other classes? I could resent the opportunity of having school work in the first place? What about the fact that I love writing, and this opportunity is helping me in ways I never would have imagined to be a better writer? What about the fact that if I always did what I want, when I want, I would be a much worse character than I am? This season will pass soon enough. I can go to the beach another time, though probably not today…

Thank you, LORD, for giving me the opportunity to write this blog post, right here, right now; and for your blessings and the perspective to see them, which I am often too short-sighted to see on my own. Thank you for the great, wild, beautiful ocean. You make the journey a joy always (when I let You) – no matter where the river or the ocean current takes me!


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