Wonder Full


The other night on the way home, as I was admiring the night sky (because it was a clear night!), I was struck again by the presence and uniqueness of our moon.

Have you ever really looked at the moon and thought about its being there? It is a bright beautiful ball in the sky, or a crescent, or a sliver, or it’s shape is there though not reflecting the sun (the new moon). It’s up there waxing and waning and just seemingly hanging in space–at just the right distance from earth.

What would happen on the earth if it wasn’t there? What if we didn’t have the tides it causes? Or what if its gravitation was greater or lesser than it is? What would happen to the weather? What would happen to the water cycle? What would star-gazers, lovers and poets do?

When I gaze at the night sky with moon and the stars in their places and ponder on their being there in the first place, all in order, all safely right where they belong, I am amazed–again.

And I am reminded–again, this is just one big round wonder among countless other wonders.

On a whole different level, there’s a little atomic universe, then there’s a molecular universe.

There are the systems within the cells of each living body, plants, animals and humans; then there are the separate systems within each whole that the cells combine to form.

There are plants which feed the animals which both feed the humans, then there is the symbiosis between many plants, insects and animals which depend on one another for survival.

There is the atmosphere with the perfect blend of oxygen and other gases, and then there is the water cycle which includes a natural purifying and filtering effect, and the river of my life that runs through it.

Now we are back again to the moon and the stars, and then there are the galaxies beyond the bounds of imagination.

How do all these things all manage to work at all, let alone work perfectly in harmony together and keep working?

There they all are, undeniably, happily, inter-connectedly there. Now. Present. Just like our God–the Maker of them all.


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