When I saw the announcement for this lecture and the topic, I wanted to go. I was curious and decided that’s where I wanted to get this week’s chapel credits. This afternoon I attended the lecture by Colin Noble, a chaplain from Australia. The title of his speech was “Resting for God.”

It was a thoughtful, challenging lecture. I think my favorite part was near the beginning when Chaplain Noble demonstrated in a very simple yet profound manner, the “rest” he afterward also explained. He did this by asking us to stop, stop taking notes or doing whatever else we were doing. When he had our full attention, in that moment, without announcement, he broke into a short but very real prayer, thanking God for His presence with us and His provision.

We stopped and acknowledge God’s presence and provision.

Just another word, another lecture, another thing to forget? When else will we ever have time to do this? Our intentions are good, but we never have time.

We choose to be restless.

A whole day of rest once a week? Why not? So many reasons!
We have it all figured out. We have our plans.
You know, it is legalistic to set aside a day of rest.
We will lose gains in money, in time in our own efforts.
When else will we do all the things we need to do? How else will we make it?
Why should we do this? It is not needed for our salvation!

We are restless.

Why don’t we accept the gift of double manna from heaven?
We are just like the ancient Israelites.
Can others tell we believe in God’s presence and provision by how we live our lives? Do we believe in God’s presence and provision? Are we able to practice rest in God every day?
This isn’t a religious observance issue; it is a heart issue.

We don’t believe God. We are restless.

Don’t be restless. “Be still, and know that I am God” (Ps. 46:10).

Note: If you want to know which of the things above the speaker actually said, and which are my own thoughts and observations, you will have to buy Colin Noble’s book, “Resting for God,” a sequel to “Working for God,” when it comes out.


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