Disk " Siberia"
IZOSOFT’S image Disk IZ115

(Reposting a revision of “Inter-Connected”)

The water, some splashing, some crashing, cleaned by the tides, ceaselessly moving. Light glinting, sparkling off the tops of waves, giving us joy, beauty buoying our hearts; turquoise to cobalt, azure reflecting azure.

At the beach, making memories, creating patterns with our foot prints in the sand, throwing rocks and sticks, jumping rope with seaweed strands, dancing to the music of the ocean together. Finding shells, agates, driftwood. Where did they all come from? They are all here, under our feet, in our hands.

While out there, orbiting, whirling, revolving, and spinning, planets, sun, and moon, not too far, not too near. They are just right for seasons and for tide-making, light giving, air warming, air flowing, droplets rising, droplets gathering dust, clouds, wind, more clouds, piling up, snow up high, rain below, ground drinking, filtering, cleaning, making wells of pure water.

Us! Here! drinking earth-cleaned water, eating grains ground then shaped with oil and baking, cut and topped with avocado, tomato, lettuce, onion, salt, mustard and another piece of bread; dried and salty potatoes chipped; huckleberries, black berries besides. We are sometimes swimming, surfing, walking, climbing, sitting, napping, and always breathing. All the nutrients, all the moisture, all the protection, all the beauty, all the wonders, we don’t need to think about, while we are here soaking up the sunshine, sitting in the shade. While bacteria, protozoa, fungi, algae do their magic unseen work, we digest, we exude, we live, above and below water, and on the land.

While those nectar-gathering bees we see and hear, that sting, that sing the song near us here at the sea continue it there in someone’s flower garden, with the plants humming along, the birds joining in the chorus of living together. We don’t hear the whole song, the birds also sing while picking ticks off the cattle, zebras and the rhinos far away in Africa. They aren’t here, but they are there, on this mild, wildly busy, calm summer day.

While here and everywhere are plants soaking up water, air, light; growing, living breathing with butterflies, fleas, gulls, herons, salmon, whales, turtles… living, breathing too; and up on the grassy slopes above the sea-side cliffs are sheep, goats, cattle, sometimes deer and smaller critters we can’t see, drinking, eating grass, alfalfa, leaves; growing, breathing, being.

Because we need the air, because it’s natural for us to want to breathe, we don’t stay underwater for longer than we can hold our breath. We breathe the air the plants breathed out, cleaned, the air the wind brought in, just the right mix, oxygen, nitrogen, and other gases. We breathe and the plants breathe what they need from us.

Us, breathing, playing in the waves and surf, picking and eating more berries, giving hugs, playful claps and caresses, laughing, crying, living together, being.

And busy below the splashing, crashing waves: agitated anemone and crazy clown fish, sightless snapping shrimp and gumptious gobies, fish-cleaning-fish and cleaned fish, encrusting entities helicospiraling hermit homes, serious spider crabs and amiable algae, algae and reef-crafting corals are living and relying, contentedly in balance, on each other too.

While our hands hold, our feet follow, our smiles encourage and we laugh—our hearts are pumping, blood is surging, lungs expanding, air exchanging, bones upholding, muscles moving, skin protecting, excreting, cooling, senses tasting salty air and water, feeling breezes, warmth, cold water, smelling ocean-side smells, hearing birds and bells and water whooshing; while within our cells motile mitochondria, of intricate parts, each there, perfectly performing; parts, also made of racing electrons and neutrons and space, are making us go.

While we are not too hot, not too cold, not too distant, not to close to the sun to live and breathe and hold our breath amid the mixing moon-made tides and currents. How many times and how fast have we circled the solar system center and not spun off into space, not parted with planets near us? When did the whirring revolutions each begin, still in order now? At which juncture of the riotous rotation and swirling in space were you born?

Have you seen or heard or tasted or felt or smelled anything?

With my ear to a shell I hear we have all we need, we have each other, we have all that is held together and that works together for living and being, because of one wise, powerful, caring, creative, loving, eternal GOD, the I AM, who is there.


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